Eating the same old food from the moment you were born and until today over and over again such as pork, chicken, egg, fish and vegetables.

Doesn’t this makes you wonder and ask some question if “is this really all the food in the world that could offer“? Well to tell you the truth my friend the answer would be No.

Theres a ton of different kinds of food may found out there however it will depend on the location it may found.

It may have a unique look or odd taste and this would due to there traditions, religions, abundance, environment, or simple just there preference. We call this “Exotic Food“.

So join us on our adventure then we will be posting exotic foods that we have encountered and add new ones from our future adventures soon.

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Tago-Angkan (Bantayan’s Exotic Food or Meal)

Tago-Angkan (Bantayan’s Exotic Food or Meal)

I have eaten lots of Traditional Filipino Foods especially street foods, like Sinugbang baboy (grilled pork), Sinugbang isda (grilled fish) and etc., However, there is this one specialty in Bantayan called “Tago-Angkan” that I ate last year during my first visit at Bantayan and again […]