Have you ever thought of creating your own composition songs? There are a lots of frustrated singers and composers wannabe’s in this world.

In this section, this is where we will be sharing the songs that I and my boyfriend have
composed and I am proudly to share my first ever composition entitled “From a message to song”.

So why compose a song?

To us composing a song is a great achievement, it is like leaving a message to the world even until the day you die. However creating a song is not that simple (no no!) because we have to take time until we make it into perfection.

So thank you in advance for supporting us guys :D

From A Message To A Song 💋

From A Message To A Song 💋

Our very first original song we made! Looking back on how we came up with a decision to have an original song and the lyrics behind it. About the lyrics? The lyrics was made by me and wait this is not actually a lyrics because […]