One Piece | Going Merry & Ace’s Execution


I have heard about One Piece since I was in highschool and I knew Luffy, Ace, and Chopper but I haven’t watched any episode yet! Hahah weird, but it is the fact. So now I have been watching One Piece when my boyfriend told me stuff about it and he was shocked why I knew Luffy and etc hahaha, but never watched any of it’s episode. So he keeps on telling me about how nice One Piece was hahaha and encouraged me to watch so tada! Hahahah

I have started watching One Piece last year around July or August rather and now I am still on the 600+ episode of it, that is because I don’t really have much time to watch it and as much as possible I wanted to finish it, hahaha. It made me miss Luffy hahah soooooooo …..
This review is not a summary of the series because I do not want to spoil those other people who haven’t watched this, but to all One Piece fans, I am pretty sure that you will understand me hahahahha. So this review is just about where ” I LITERALLY CRIED” on some episodes of this series. I bet that some of the One Piece fans have cried too? Right? Hahaha I am a 100% sure that you guys felt what I felt hahahah.

Question, what scene? Hahaha this is the thrill part here nyhahaha!


Hahaha, so if other people who is not familiar or who haven’t watched this yet, I may sound crazy for them hahah so I cried on the scene where Merry (the ship) was about to end it’s life (really? life? hahah it is just a ship!) Yeah I know it is just a ship but while watching that scene was like it made my heart being crashed on being squeezed with pain just like how Vergo squeezed the heart of Trafalgar (Oops! Spoiler alert for those who haven’t reach this scene yet) but oh gosh hahah, but guess what really made me cry even more? It is when I first time see Luffy cried! Hahaha it may sound funny, call me crazy but One Piece fans will understand me. Hahahaha


The second time I cried was when … oh Gosh I do not want to recall because I have already moved on with this scene hahahah because everytime I remember this scene, like I remembered how I tried to control my tears and tried to stop myself from crying. But then, hahaha, while watching this scene was like, “No, no, no I do not want to cry.”


Hahah, my boyfriend usually teases me about the death of Ace where I cried unintentionally and waaa my heart. Hahaha, like sriously that made me cry and see once again Luffy cried during the death of Ace and died on his arms and it really breaks my heart. The feeling where you have lost the person whom you loved so much or is important to you, it is really heartbreaking, This time, do not call me crazy ahahahaha because if you are in Luffy’s part, and when You see how Luffy cried, or when you are used to Luffy’s crazy moments and stupid stuff hahaha it will really make you sad and cry too when you see him cry.

This is really one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever watched! There may be some scenes of the series that made me almost cry but so far, those scenes that I stated above were the scenes that really really breaks my heart.

I encourage for those who haven’t watch this anime yet, I encourage you to watch it now! Hahaha the series may be super long but it is worth it. I am not into animes, but One Piece is the best! So far! I do not want to spoil here then.

Cheers to all One Piece fans out there!

Til then!

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