Another Way of Preparing an Egg Meal | The What’s & How’s

Kilawin? What is that? Is this another word for “Kinilaw“? Yes, you got me right! Kilawin is another term for Kinilaw so in this post, I am going to share with you a Special Recipe.

Each individual has there own way on cooking and preparing any meal especially egg. The most common way on cooking egg is a Scrambled/Fried Egg, The Sunny Side Up, The Hard Boiled EggSome mix egg in Humba, Halang-halang, Sisig, and a lot more. Each can be experimental and have their special kind of recipe.

However, recently I have tasted this different kind of Kilawin. This is not made up of seafoods like fish and etc. Another way of preparing an egg meal is made into a kilawin. Yes, you got me correctly. This is my first time to encounter an egg prepared just like the usual kinilaw.


What are its ingredients? In preparing this Special Egg Kilawin is just so simple. All you need are these 5 ingredients.
• Eggs (it is your choice on how many eggs you want)
• Tomatoes
• Onion (little bit of it)
• Calamondin/Calamansi (Wiki
• Soy Sauce

HOW? 🤔

How to prepare this kind of Egg Kilawin? You do not have to pressure yourself. Even those first timers can do this!

First, you have to boil the eggs. (It doesn’t matter on how many eggs you wish to boil. It is your choice)

Boil eggs for 5mins.

Then prepare and slice the tomatoes into not so small cubes. Same goes with the onions. (just a little bit of onions)

Chopped tomatoes and onions

TIP: Once boiled, Drain the boiled eggs into a tap water to let it cool down and you can peel the shell fast. Check the photo below.

Place the boiled eggs in any plate or bowl and fill with water to let it cool so that you can peel its shells.

Slice the egg into not so small cubes, just like how you slice the tomatoes. Place them in a bowl, mixed with the tomatoes and onions.

Just right before slicing the egg into cubes 😀

Add up at least 4-5 of the Calamondin/Calamansi (do not include the seeds) into the mixed egg, tomato and onions. It just depends on your taste on how many Calamansi you want to add up.

Calamansi to add a acidulated taste to the Kilawin. We actually add 4-5 of this. I have only taken 2 pcs of this 🤣

Then add up the soy sauce for the finishing of the Special Egg Kilawin!

So this is how it looks like after pouring the soy sauce. Then mix afterwards

And tada! Here is the finished meal. Have a taste with the Special Egg Kilawin! (Sorry for the poor lighting) 😂

I can assure you that you will feel hungry after seeing this post! This is a special recipe of my boyfriend’s mom. Try this at home and surely you will love it! If you have tried it, comment down below and share your thoughts about it. 👍

Thank you for taking time to read.
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Ciao! 🍽

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