Catching Some Waves at BE Resorts & Hotel

I guess summer for me is not yet over. We all have the freedom to take a short/long vacation to escape reality and stress for a while. Yes! We’ve been to BE Resorts. This is a Boutique Resorts that is not only for travelers nor tourists but it is open for all. In this resort, you can feel the seaside beauty of the whole place.

I was so excited when I knew I can go with my boyfriend and his mom. It happened on the Birthday of his mom. The excitement I felt cannot be measured because all I know is that this place is really nice and perfect for relaxation.

As soon as we arrived at the place, the building just looks like the usual buildings of the hotels I can pass everyday. However, let us not judge the book by its cover, as soon as you enter the building, all you can see is the luxurious things and the ravishing view of the beach.


1.As soon as you enter the hotel, you will be mesmerized by the entire place.

2. As soon as you step into the 2nd floor, where our room is located (room 232), you will be loving the hallway.

As soon as you go out from the elevator, you can see this
The Hallway

3.You can have an overnight stay of course, it is hotel! They have this 3 Types of Rooms (Be Cool, Be Chic and Be Classy) and the room we are staying in was the Be Cool Room!


The room has these features:

•Air Conditioning
•Hot and Cold Shower
•LCD Cable TV
•WiFi Internet Access
•NDD/IDD Telephone
•Garden View
•1 Queen Size Bed &  1 Single Bed

4. They have this Hot & Cold shower with extra towels and also they provide you Shampoos, Shower gels, Lotion & Conditioner. (I haven’t taken a picture of the whole bathroom)

5. You can swim at the pool and beach! They have there time limit for you to use them. For the beach it is only until 6pm and the pool is 10pm.

6. You will be loving the outdoor view. From pool to beach. Just the entire place! ♥

7. When you wake up in the morning, BE Resorts & Hotel serves FREE BREAKFAST for all who are staying at the hotel. Yes you heard me right, it is FREE and it is a buffet! Here are some of the foods we ate but really, THERE ARE A LOT MORE FOODS!

ROOM RATES depends on the season. Since we have a free voucher during our stay, we did not spend with that large amount. We only paid for the extra person charge which costs 1,790 pesos and for the breakfast of the kid that costs 350 pesos.

For more info, just visit this link.

The hotel is open for everyone, whether you are a local or a tourist. One thing I like about the hotel is their management. They are approachable and they will help you especially when you are carrying lots of stuff, they will assign someone to help with the baggage. Another thing is, they are complete with the things that are needed (in the room).

If I were to rate this, it would be 10! I was satisfied, we were satisfied with our short vacation at BE RESORTS! Come and have a stay with your family and friends.
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‘Til on my next blog guys!
Ciao! ♥

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