Our Version of Potato Cheese Balls (Spicy Edition)

Potato Cheese Balls

Potato Cheese Balls is a very common appetizer or snack however, what we did is with a twist! We made it spicy!

Since this is my very first dish that I cooked for my boyfriend. Honestly, I only know how to cook simple foods (ex: hot-dogs, fried eggs, lumpia and etc.)

This is a very simple and common snack or appetizer to make and cook!

We are being experimental while making this Potato Cheese Balls. Yes, my boyfriend helped me out on preparing this but I was the one who cook. He was the one who helped me on mixing the ingredients.


1. Raw Potatoes (1kg, it is your choice on how many potato cheese balls you are going to prepare since it is the only 2 of us with my boyfriend to eat so 1kg is enough to make 20 balls)
2. Cheese
3. Bread Crumbs
4. Cumin Powder
5. Flour
6. Egg (optional but this is actually needed for the flour and bread crumbs to stick on the potato balls
7. Chili Powder (it is our choice to add this up :D)


1. First of all you have to prepare all the ingredients.
2. Peel the raw potatoes, slice them into medium cubes and boil them until it is softened.
3. Once done, mash the potatoes then mix up the cumin powder and the chili powder to add little spice.
4. Make some small balls out of the mashed potatoes (it depends on you on how big you want to make)
5. Place the balls into the beaten egg then to the flour and bread crumbs.
6. After doing so, you can now deep fry them and wait until it is cooked.



Potato Cheese Balls

In a few minutes, I will be posting my new blog about Potato Cheese Balls (Spicy Version :D)Stay Tuned! :)#IvynTures #PotatoCheeseBalls #SpecialRecipe

Posted by IvynTures on Sunday, August 27, 2017

So tada! After the potato (spicy) cheese balls are cooked, we ate it and we do not understand how it taste or it is just because we were the one who cooked it. However, on the next day, there were still few balls left and Tita and others have eaten it and they love it!

Overall I can say that the first dish I have made was a success! Try this in your home and share this to your family and friends or loved ones. You can give your thoughts on the comment section below.
‘Til on my next blog guys!
Ciao! ♥

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