Something About Passion Fruit That You Don’t Know

Fruits are the main provenience of essential nutrients in our body and it gives lots of health benefits as well. Also fruits are one of the life booster for us human beings.

There are 70% of the people knows about any kind of fruit. Of course, there are some fruits that you seldom hear about it or something you don’t know that the fruit exist!

Just recently this year I have heard about this passion fruit. To be honest, I just heard about it and I shared this to my mom and she knows this already. It is not a common fruit that you can see that is being sold in the markets.

Passion Fruit Passion Fruit

With the name itself, there is really a passion on this fruit, something special about it. I first tasted this when the mother of my boyfriend mixed it in an iced tea, and it is so delicious and tasty. You can smell the iced tea but there is a smell of the fruit, or let us say the aroma.

Passion Fruit
These are some bunch of passion fruits that has been delivered to the house of my boyfriends auntie from Bantayan

Why is it good for the body and health?

Before we move on, for those people who don’t know what is passion fruit this is a nutritious tropical fruit.. According to my few researches, this is considered a type of berry and a fruit that comes from the Passiflora vine (type of passion flower)

These fruit may vary in size and in color, and the one that I have eaten was this yellow one or also called as the Passiflora flavicarpa (Usually slightly larger than the purple variety, these are round or oval-shaped with yellow skin) – (Read More from Healthline)

Let us now proceed on the Why’s
1. Rich in water emulsifiable antioxidant
2. RIch in Vitamin C and A
3. Helps gain resistance
4. Boosts immune system
5. Cancer Prevention
6. Helps in healthy digestion
7. Lessens blood pressure
8. Improved Blood Circulations
9. Lower the risks of insomnia
10. Lowers the risks of asscociated pain on bones.

These are some few of the benefits that I have researched and gathered informations. Also, you can read more here and I am pretty sure that there are still lots of health benefits that this fruit can give you.

What are the uses of passion fruit?

As stated above earlier, aside from eating this fruit alone you can use this as:
1. Mix on juice or ice tea
2. You can use this as a replacement for calamansi/lemonsito and add it up on some of your appetizers (example below)

Special Lato (seaweed salad) fresh and only available from Doong Bantayan

3. You can add this too on some dishes, well it is up to you if you want to be experimental.

So far this are the only 3 things about its uses. You can comment down below to share your thoughts on this fruit, ’til on my next blog guys. 🙃

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    1. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and take time to read this post. I am going to try that passion fruit jam soon 😀 since I have only tried adding this fruit in any juice or add this up as an alternative for calamansi 😉

      Cheers! 🙂

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