Maybelline's Micellar Water

Maybelline’s Micellar Water? Wait what is that?

Maybelline’s Micellar Water is considered as one of the holy water for most make up enthusiasts and Maybelline product lovers.

Okay guys, honestly speaking I do not make up. My usual routine when I was at my teenage days, just powder and I am good to go!

As soon as I am in college,  lipsticks and eyeliners are the ONLY make up’s I have. Then I started doing my brows when I was at my 4th yr in college. Then used BBCream’s. For my night skin care routine, I only use Eskinol or Silka for cleanser or toner and used Chin Chun Su (a Taiwan product cream).

Lately, I am starting to buy other make up’s such as eyeshadow palettes, more lipsticks, for contour and powder. Why am I buying them? Because I wanted to do make up on my own and I want to learn.

Make Up Products that I have….

*Maybelline (Stay Fresh Powder, Hypercurl Mascara, Powder Matte Lippies [Touch of Spice, Burgundy Blush, Nude], Eyebrow Duo Shaper)

*Lippies (Vice Ganda’s Liquid Lipstick [UNICORN], Colourpop Liquid Lipstick, Huda, Everbilena Matte Lipstick, Nichido Glossy Lipstick [Brown]

*Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

*NYX Contour Stick

*Morphe 350W Eyeshadow Palette

*KJM and Everbilena Lip and Cheek tint

And everytime I clean my face at night, I always use my Kojic or BELO toner and cleanser. Micellar Water of Maybelline isn’t new to me because I always see this at Watsons but never tempted to buy (‘coz I am afraid of putting too much products on my face).


I really got curious about this since it has 4 uses: Make-Up Remover + Cleanses + Hydrates + Soothes. So I bought it just yesterday and tried it at night.

Maybelline's Micellar Water

It says “No need to rub” just like you usually do when using toner/cleanser.

And I was shocked because it has no scent at the first place. Secondly, it is just WATER and it is ALCOHOL FREE compared to the other Maybelline Make-Up Remover. I felt so refreshing after the application.

Maybelline's Micellar Water


I don’t have to use toner to clean up my face because I swear, using toner isn’t enough to remove your make up. Unless you wash your face with soap then use toner/cleanser.

Soon I will be posting a blog about me doing my make up 🙂

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