SAMYANG Carbonara Review | Yay or Nyay?

Samyang Carbonara

So here I am again making a review of this Samyang Noodles. Introducing to you their new flavor, Samyang Carbonara. We have already tasted the Samyang Original, x2, x4 & cheese and the experience is super hot!



    • You have to boil the water for 3 minutes then put the noodle and leave it for 5 minutes.
    • Once cooked, use a strainer to separate the noodle and the boiling water
    • Place the boiled water that is used for cooking the noodle in a small cup then add 8 tablespoon of it on the noodle (this is to make the noodle little saucy)
    • Add up the sauce and the spices then mix them in a pot and mix them for 30 seconds (dapat on ang stove ani, initon balik)
    • Then ready to serve!


So the procedure above is applicable on Samyang Original, Samyang x2 and Samyang Cheese. Samyang x4 has almost the same procedure however you have to cook the spices on a boiled water together with the noodle. So let us go straight to my thoughts on this Samyang Carbonara. How does it taste? Well there is no big difference on how it taste, however it is not really that super spicy as compared to the Samyang Original, x2 and x4. Because really, it made me literally cry especially when you don’t have ice cream and milk with you.

On your first bite, you can feel the spice (pero keribells lang) and it has this creamy taste just like carbonara. The noodle of this Samyang Carbonara is different on the other Samyang Noodles. Below are my quick thoughts on the Samyang Noodles I have eaten.

  • Samyang Original: “keribells lng ang ka halang nya, I suggest you need to have milk with you”.
  • Samyang x2: “I suggest that you MUST have Ice Cream & Milk when eating this” kay DMD ang ka halang bess! Pwede naka mag drama2 para audition sa ABS-CBN HAHAHA. You can feel the numbness of your lips. Smells like spaghetti.
  • Samyang x4: “Has same effect sa x2 however murag gipaso imong dila/tongue”
  • Samyang Cheese: “I love how it taste but parang nakukulangan ako sa cheese. Yeah you can taste the cheese part pero mix SPICE AND CHEESE. Wait what? Hahaha”

Overall thoughts, it tastes good! It is like we are Samyang Lovers na saku boyfie hahaha. Just do not eat too much of this because it has this after effect on your stomach. You can eat this once in a while. For those who wanted to buy them, you can order them online. Some are sold in Korean stores like Yoyoso in Ayala Cebu. I bought this Samyang Carbonara at Pacific Mall in Mandaue for 120 pesos. Prices may vary on some stores.


Comment and share down below your thoughts on this Korea’s most famous fire noodle. You may also share a link to your Vlog on this Spicy Noodle Challenge. I would love to read and watch them!
‘Til on my next blog!
Ciao! ♥