WOW Lip Tattoo & WunderBrow | Waterproof Nga Ba? REVIEW

I have 2 new products and added it on my collections,  these are the WOW Lip Tattoo and WunderBrow. The reason why I bought these 2 items it is because of curiosity (well as always hahahah).

Bought this at emporium and here are the prices:

And here are my thoughts on these 2 items. I have heard about this Lip Tattoo before because some YouTubers who make a review out of it. Most of the reviews I have seen are not so good. Okay, I tried this right after I bought the product and on the first application of the product, I am not satisfied with it. Why? It is so sticky and I cannot apply evenly on my lips. 

After applying it, I still have to wait 10-20 minutes for it to settle and dry. I cannot talk properly because of the stickiness of the product. Once it dries up, I then peeled it off and tada! The color settles on my lips. The only thing I like about this product is that it is waterproof and transfer-proof. The only time that the product slowly fades when I ate Samyang (hahaha Samyang lover kay ko oy).

Overall, I rate this product 6/10 because I still prefer to use my Gigi Hadid lipstick and I just do not like having struggles on applying this product.

Next is this WunderBrow. Never heard this product but then I got curious because it is stated on the packaging that it creates a perfect brows in less than 2 minutes and lasts until you decide to take it off. Since then, “hilig jud kay ko mupalit ug pangkilay nga products“. Even if I do not like to purchase this product ‘coz I still have lots of eyebrow products with me.


Let me go straight to my opinion. It has this small brush applicator and just apply it on your brows. However, I had a hard time in applying it because my right brows aren’t in a perfect shape. THE PRODUCT DRIES SO FAST so you have to apply it quickly and just blend it with a spooley. After applying on both brows, you can see that it just stays on place. No matter how hard you rub it with your fingers, it doesn’t erase!

I have washed my face that night and still the product is still on my eyebrows. I took a bath the next day and then washed my face (of course hahaha) and the product is erased already. For me, products like this are perfect when you are going to swim on beaches and pools. Or you are fun of outdoor activities and you sweat a lot then you don’t want to mess up your brows.

Another thing that I am amazed about this product is that when I removed my make up using my Maybelline Micellar Water Make Up Remover, it wasn’t remove. So I am starting to love this eyebrow product maybe on a daily basis also.

So I rate this product 8/10. I still prefer to use the usual products that I use on a daily basis. The photos below is when I applied the WOW Lip Tattoo and at the same time, I used the WunderBrow on the same day.