Tabuelan 2018

Last September 22-23, 2018, the whole Team Nadine went to Tabuelan to have our first ever outing.

Tabuelan is located at the northern part of Cebu. Approximately we had a 3-4 hours of travel.

  • 5:30 am – meet up time
  • 6:00 am – Departure time
  • 9:40 am – Arrived at Tabuelan (they bought some foods at the marketplace)
  • 10:30 am – Finally arrived at the resort

Before we have arrived at the resort we had a stop over at the Tabuelan Mercado and got the chance to take some photos at the area.

The resort we stayed is an unnamed resort just right beside La Familia Resort. Infairness, the place is so relaxing and refreshing. It is just like the feeling when we went to Moalboal last year. The waves are so calm and so clear. You can do sentimental and reminiscing moment at the sea. 

My teammates rented a room which costs 3,000 pesos. Quite expensive but it is fine since it is a large room with 3 double beds plus extra foams (so dghan2 jud ang masud sa room). It seems it is exclusive for us because there are no other people who stayed at the resort. Also we set up our tents and relaxed afterwards.

Honestly it is my first time and my boyfriend to be in Tabuelan (if mag storya tas mga nalaagan namo ni boyfie hahah) and not the first time of some of my teammates HAHAHA. So let us proceed to the main point of this blog (char). While we were waiting for my other teammates, me and my boyfie decided to have a quick tour at the place.

Around 3pm we finally have eaten our lunch HAHAHA (fasting is real) and right after we played some games and here are some of the shots taken during the games. There were around 5 games, and we have played only 3 games that day due to a bad weather.


The first game we played was Plane Crash where we need to find the rope while we are blindfolded and need to form a triangular shape with the team. 2nd game is Rope Relay where we need to hold hands and pass the rope to the next member. 3rd is the Ping pong Ball Race, this one is challenging for me (HAHAHA) just need to blow the ping pong ball to pass through the line.

So sad I haven’t got the chance to see the sunset kasi ang epal ng ulan HAHAH, but I got this amazing shot with my i7.

Tabuelan Sunset


Around 6pm we stopped the game because of the bad weather and ate our dinner. Afterwards, we then started the karaoke and drinking sessions with the team. This lasted up until 11pm because I wanted to rest but the others were awake until 3am (HAHAHA iba din)

We woke up around 5:30 am and took our showers. So we have continued the last 2 games but this time I didn’t join because I have changed my clothes already HAHAHA. The 4th game was Fill the Bucket where they need to fill the gallon with water using the clothes they wear. Lastly was Sack Race, the most common game of all time.

Around 12: 30 noon we then prepared ourselves to go back to the places where we belong (CHAR). Because of the traffic we had approximately 5 hours travel going back to the city. Overall, the experience was super fun and one of the memorable places we have been this year.