Top 10 Reasons Why One Piece Is Better Than Any Other Story

Epic Strawhat One Piece

It has been more than 20 years already and one piece still remain one of top or best anime/manga in year 2018. It actually gets better as the story comes closer to its end, considering the length of the story.

Now, what did Oda (the author) do to achieve such great story and carry out as one the best selling series of all times. Thousands or even millions out there may have their own reason why they accepted and loved the series. However I have a few list in my opinion why One Piece is better than any other story.


My top 10 reasons why One piece is better

  1. References
  2. Rules in power and ability
  3. Unlimited theme
  4. Scope of genres
  5. Intense Back Story
  6. Preserve Personality
  7. Mysteries and Foreshadows
  8. Character build up
  9. Story Setup
  10. Connection


# 10. References of One Piece

Adaptation of references from many different characters, cultures, stories, legends, and myths or even true events are the things what made One Piece so great. The author made a clear decision, a risks in my opinion, either way he sustain the story until its audience accepted the fact that it really is a great idea to combine all these different idea into ONE  big story.


# 9. One Piece Power and Ability Rules

Rules are essential in creating a story and this is what the author precisely did.

For instance, from the start, Oda hide details from us things like “Haki” making us believe that there is no way luffy would win to an invisible opponent devil fruit eaters. Perhaps, he may let luffy win a battle from a mere miracle or having advantages from the opponent’s weakness or pride. But in the later part of the story, it can be defeated by “Haki”.

On the other hand, the author made rules about how devil fruit works in the beginning of the story making it more interesting. Each of these fruits may provide unique ability and categorized it as Logia, Paramecia, Zoan type.

Luffy attack the three admirals
Example : Fighting alone with the 3 admirals

With all these variations, some ability may overpower the other, and some may not. In my opinion, Oda had really thought of this well, planning when or what to show in his stories.





# 8. Unlimited One Piece Theme Story

Well it is quiet common for stories to have only one specific topic that talks about one thing or place. This is to keep your audience’s preferences and avoid confusion of your story. For instance “Naruto” had to be only in a ninja world with ninja friends and foes, and may not be crossing the world of shinagami of “Bleach” because it does not make sense right?? However, only in One Piece successfully created a world that make sense out of none.

One Piece have a crazy timeline but gives one hell of an experience that other manga/anime fail to give. [Spoiler Alert] the series had journey from provinces and villages, many island, to different kind of seas, sky island, ghost ship, fishman island, etc.

One Piece Sky
One Piece Sky Is the Limit Or Not

Characters may have different roles such as from being a pirate, or bounty hunter, bandit, navy, government officials, revolutionaries, ninja, or even samurais. They also include many races like fishmen or mermaids, skylander, minks, giants, robots, long leg and long arms tribe. How crazy is that? To me it is satisfying!!

In conclusion, there is no limitation on the story’s destination since it is an adventure right? We could even relate this in reality, picture out how big our world is, the places and people, the mystery and events. Although, the saddest part is we know only less half of it, but with One Piece concept of amazing adventures of the Strawhats, it feels like we are growing together with them and witness the greatest journey of our time.



# 7. One Piece Scope of Genres

One piece can be consider as a masterpiece because the series has it all. Genres such as Comedy, Thrill, Adventure, Action and even Drama can be felt in the series. So if you want to laugh or cry so much, better start watching the series..

Bye Merry
The tear jerky moment of one piece



# 6. One Piece Background Stories

This is one of the reason what kept the series longer than you imagine. However, in my opinion, it should be necessary to include because it gives more meaning to the character or the story. With all the mysteries in One Piece, theorist are always excited for every background stories to come so they may find a clue of their theories.

Just imagine a Jigsaw puzzle, then the missing piece can only be found in those background stories only if your observant enough to solve it out.



# 5. One Piece Character’s Preserve Personality

The awesome thing about One Piece is Oda had perfected the distinction between of his character, letting its audience identify easily who and who’s not.

Kid Luffy Lying
This is how bad luffy at lying

Firstly, each character had its own unique personalities, even though it may look absurd or hilarious. Secondly, they frantically give an impression to its audience of what type of character they are. For instance Zoro for having a bad direction disease, another is Sanji known for his cook and thing about women. Simple traits but really effective.

Lastly, even though after the time-skip, they are still consistent until the end. With all of this, the story remained interesting and entertaining.




# 4. One Piece Foreshadowing and Mysteries

One piece may be the best of foreshadowing and had countless mysteries since last 2 decades.

First, more and more mysteries were added in the series as the story close to its end. The greatest mysteries of them all is “what is One Piece?” the terrific thing about this is that question showed up on the very first episode of One Piece or the title itself is the mystery. We know that it exist but what is it?

Lastly, with all these mysteries popping out, Oda never failed to give us hint about it, that is what make us excited and thrilled. In addition, things and events that were introduced lately had felt awe to us since it had been already hinted many times but we failed to notice small details. For example, haki, remember Shanks saving Luffy, haki was introduce back then. How about Zoro was able to cut mr 1, his blade cuts through steel, will it work without haki? Another foreshadowing Oda made is how Ussopp’s lie coming to reality? Amazing isn’t it, there still many more but i guess you realize how brilliant the author is.



# 3. One Piece Character build up

Alot of other manga/story/series i have seen, new faces are more likely to appear during the new arc. A common mistake for authors who do not pay attention on their audience’s feeling. Thinking, why  on earth would you care a new character popping out for no reason and no connection from the past arcs at all.

Despite all of that, One Piece, have built a world where we can easily absorb or accept new faces because Oda is really good at writing. He really knows how to prepare when and where will he introduce a new character. Remember how Oda introduce new characters? People, place, or title where just foreshadowed or mention before they actually appear.


Type of characters I remembered built up so far are the :

  • 1 fleet admiral, 3 admirals,  multi vice admirals
  • 7 warlords (shichibukai)
  • yonko (4 emperors of the sea)
  • Celestial dragons
  • 5 elders
  • Im ?
  • Worst generations
  • Revolutionaries
  • Rocks pirates?
  • Roger? and many more

Funny thing about that built up characters, most of them are still unknown. Just imagine all of these characters suddenly pops out and clash? Goosebumps isn’t it?



# 2. Story Setup of One Piece

One Piece setup is perfect! you see, being not the hero brings excitement to those who want to see challenges and hardships. It remained unique in its way, thus, it entertain many as the story shows how difficult for the protagonist to achieve his goal.

First they are practically wanted men that hides or run from their natural enemies the Navy (Government). Not only that, but it includes conflicts of interest between pirates, showing off who is better than the other. For instance, there has been four biggest named pirates in their world entitled as Yonkos or the four emperors of the sea.

Lastly, the protagonist had different views and contradicts the thought of being a pirate. A excellent idea to setup a story that will love by people no matter what age they are.

To conclude, as the story goes on, Luffy’s struggles will soon come to it’s end as he hardly walk through to his path while facing countless of enemies. That’s why it is the perfect story set up for me because I personally want to see its ending.



# 1. One Piece Connection and Plot

Comparison Timeline
One Piece timeline illustration comparison from other timeline

This is my best reason of all among the rest! All of the setups, mysteries, character builds up, power-ups or even each arcs they have gone through will not mean a thing if they are not connected or related. But trust me, everything that you have seen or read is related to one another! That’s how Oda is like a god!


A great example of this is the “sun tattoo”. Who knows what it means until the day it was revealed in Fishmen island. It was design as a sign of freedom to cover from the Celestial Dragon’s slavery tattoo.. But it was shown in early episode/chapters of one piece during Arlong’s arc… Arlong had it in his chest and nobody got a clue about it.. This is just one connection in one piece.


I have been following One Piece for a long time now and each year the story is getting bigger. More and more characters, building, map, conflict, problem, and puzzles where added in the story. Even though its becoming more hype than ever, i believe finding details gets harder. There has been an increasing theorist and reviewers joining together to solve One Piece many foreshadowing and mysteries.

One Piece Cover Logo

Perhaps, a tool may be necessary to justify the theory that they are trying to solve.


Thankfully I found a great One Piece website that helps me find answers to my questions. I am not a theorist, but i found it easy to search characters, cover pages,  chapters, and theories here in Try it out!







Do you agree with this list? comment down below what you think!