Lava Mountain River Farm

So last January 12, 2019 was out first trip for this year. 

A 4-hectare property is lush with trees and beautiful nature which brings an abundance of fresh air and soothing ambiance. Lava Mountain River Farm an eco-resort which offers peace, tranquility, and most importantly exclusivity.

This resort has become a popular attraction and a perfect getaway for tourists looking for a peaceful and serene getaway for a unique vacation stay. My workmates have been to this resort twice already and haven’t joined them that time. So this is my first time to be here!

Photos shown above is the cottage we used for our Day Use of the place. The place is so refreshing, relaxing,  rejuvenating, which is a truly unique experience!  It is 45 minutes away from Cebu City.

Another thing that I love about the place is that every corner of the place is so peaceful! Sad to say that some of the flowers are dead especially the sunflowers where I expected to take photos of it.

We have the access to use the pool and their river. I didn’t use the pool that long because it is too cold for me to swim. Their river is nice, its my first time to see a river in person because mostly it is only beach and pools I’ve seen. I wanted to swim in their river however by the time we went their again around 3pm in the afternoon, there were other people in the river (I guess its the people living there)

In summary, I’d love to go back here soon because it is a very nice place to relax though there are a lot of places that are stress free and relaxing but for me, indeed this make you reflect by just listening to the calming sound of the river. I would like to thank you to one of our friend who heartily invited us on this trip, thank you also the FDC Family who were with us too!

Below are some of the information you might need 🙂


  • MONDAY – FRIDAY: ₱400 /head – minimum 8 guests
  • SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS, AND HOLIDAYS: ₱450 /head – minimum of 8 guests, maximum of 20 guests
    – Prior reservation is required.
    – Day Use is from 9AM to 5PM only.
    – Accepts 1 day use and 1 overnight group per day (separate areas) unless booking is for exclusive use.
    – Rates may change depending on the season.


  • SUNDAY – FRIDAY: ₱600 /head – minimum 10 guests
  • SATURDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: ₱750 /head – minimum of 20 guests
    – Prior reservation is required.
    – Overnight is 12NN to 10AM the next day
    – Accepts 1 day use and 1 overnight group per day (separate areas) unless booking is for exclusive use.
    – Rates may change depending on the season.

How to get there?

Exact location: Biasong, Brgy. BonBon, Cebu City — going uphill, 3 km away from main road and will pass through not-so-concrete roads. 45 minutes to 1 hour away from the city.

There is no public vehicle that can take you directly to the resort. These are your options:

BY CAR: You may need a private vehicle to get to the place. Then navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Lava Mountain River Farm”. Ample parking space is available.

BY MOTORBIKE: You may also opt to ride a habal-habal from JY Square. It will cost around ₱150-200 per person; each motorbike can accommodate up to 2pax. Make sure to negotiate first before riding.

RENT A VAN: For a hassle-free trip, rent a van at SquadPH Tours and Travels.

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