About Ivyn`Tures 💋

Welcome guys!! To know more about Ivyn`Tures i’ll share you some of the question that came across to my mind such as what made me want to start blogging? Why would i choose Ivyn`Tures? where did i get my motivation?

Listed below are the following question i’m about to share with you. hoping that it will enlighten you and motivates you towards your goal.

Who Am I?

Hi all, I am Lalaine Ivy (I will not be stating my family name), 20 something years of age and a BSIT graduate of University of Cebu-Main Campus Batch 2016. I wanted to become a professional photographer soon since I love taking pictures.

What made me want to start blogging? 🤔

So here it goes, my boyfriend suggested to me why not I try blogging since he noticed that I am fond of taking pictures and place it on a blog. It was indeed a great idea!

I am not doing this blog for me to become famous, NO that’s not it! I wanted to try blogging because I wanted to see how far I can go and to improve my writing and observation skills. So, in this blog, I may not focus on one topic alone. I may post random blogs, like reviews on the movies/series I watched or it may be a blog on a food I ate in a certain restaurant or travel blogs and so much more.

Why “Ivyn`Tures” is the domain name I chose?

 Well, at this state of time, I really cannot think of a remarkable name for my blog, I just started this thing, and I am not good at this, literally. Hah! So, as days passed, I came up with “IVYNTURES” because it’s my name “Ivy” with an “N” after my name which is the first letter of my boyfriends name then “Adventures” , shortcut though hahah. The whole thing about the content of my entire blog will be the adventures that we had with my boyfriend and just some random blogs that I can share.

What will you expect? 🤔

As you go deeper in exploring the wonder of Ivyn`Tures, you will find out exotic foods, different places, or creature that you never know exist, however there will be also good music that we can share. We’ve done 2 covers of our favorite band, Pierce the Veil and currently we are on a process of creating a new song entitled “From a Message to a Song” originally composed by me of course and melodify by my boyfie. Our very first song it will be out in public soon and hope you guys will also support our new song 🙂

I am not alone in doing this blog, with the help of my boyfriend, Nichole, who is doing a start up idea, QuestWho. They are the reason why I am pushing, and striving hard to keep going. Please bear with my poor English. Though i’m still learning and practicing, a help is much appreciated and contact me here. Thank you 🙂

” Feel free to leave a comment below if there is something you want to know more about Ivyn`Tures, i might pick and place it above and become one of the why’s hehe


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