The Beginning of Something Wonderful

Hi there, Welcome to Ivyn`Tures! A beginning of something wonderful! My adventures is yet to come. 😁😁😁

Ivyn`Tures is mainly focusing on our unplanned & planned adventures and also the food trips that we will be having in the future. I will be sharing my experiences, some tips & guides as well.

We just started our new wonderful adventure in youtube too! Please support our channel and be part of Ivyntures P. channel for our cover and original songs! yeah you heard us right Ivyn`Tures also offers music since I believe music is also part of our life, can you just imagine without it? 😂😂😂.


Something Wonderful Topics

Ivyn`Tures topics will be about travel, food, music, and reviews. I will explain, Travel category will be the wonderful adventure on places that we have been, we will never post anything on places we didn’t go. Food our favorite bonding time, can you blame me on eating some great food? Music category shows how passionate we are on music, so we do covers and some original songs. Reviews like almost everything we will be having will be place in this category.


I haven`t been anywhere, but it’s on my list!


Here are some of my blog posts that I can proudly share with you guys!

5. Tago Angkan
4. Lovey Doggy
3. Bantayan 2016
2. Bantayan 2017, Holy Week Vacation and
1. Brique – Italian Restaurant

Please do visit on some of my blog posts too! I am also doing reviews on some random wonderful stuff that may pop ups on my mind. Some of my posts and my upcoming blogs may contain “Filipino Language” too aside from English. See more details on my About!

I hope you will be enjoying in reading my post. I will try my best to post more often. It depends if we encounter new things, places, foods for me to be able to make a review out of it. ☻

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I welcome all of you to my blog! Enjoy reading!
Ciao! ♥