• FDC Radio Streaming

    Why Listen To The New Radio Streaming? | FDC Radio

    It’s been a while since this new radio streaming is launched. Well not actually “launched” because this is somewhat like a private radio streaming for the certain group of people I knew. This is a good place to listen music while working, think you might know every song, well think again because this radio stream will give you new songs you didn’t know it exist. The good thing about this is that you can share your music to them. They have an everyday theme : • Monday : Rock • Tuesday : Reggae • Wednesday : OPM • Thursday : Throwbacks • Friday : Accoustic Sessions or cover (depend on…

  • Ready For IT Acoustic Version

    Ready For It by Taylor Swift | Acoustic Cover

    Our 4th cover is up! Ready For It by Taylor Swift | Acoustic Cover by Me and My Boyfriend is just another thing we wanted to do over the weekends.It’s been a month since Taylor Swift released her new Single Look What You Made Me Do and recently she then released …Ready For IT that makes all Taylor Swift fans go crazy! It’s been a week since we last did our cover with a twist, the Not My Arms Challenge | Tabi by Paraluman Cover. Now, we decided to cover the latest song of Taylor Swift’s Ready For IT. From a pop rock song to a semi pop acoustic. Just…

  • Tabi by Paraluman Cover Not My Arms Challenge


    Finally our 3rd cover is up! It is been so long since we last did a cover. From doing cover on our favorite rock band Pierce the Veil, now we are down to a semi-pop love song. We decided to do a cover for this old OPM Song, Tabi by Paraluman Ft. Kean Cipriano. We have thought on adding a little bit of a twist. Since doing covers are too mainstream like you sing in front of a camera and record yourself. I have thought about a Not My Arms Challenge, since I have only seen videos like this when they are eating or doing other stuff. Because I haven’t…

  • From a message to a song (Original Song)

    From A Message To A Song 💋

    Our very first original song we made! Looking back on how we came up with a decision to have an original song and the lyrics behind it. About the lyrics? The lyrics was made by me and wait this is not actually a lyrics because I haven’t think about making a song that time. This was my personal message to my boyfriend not until he suggested to make this into a song! Tuning and the melody? My boyfriend was the one who puts so much effort on this. He was the one who arranged and did the melody. He did a lot of trial and error just to create a…


    Taylor Swift Is Back And Finally Released Her New Single!

    Taylor Swift New Single is out? Yes you heard me right! Taylor just tweeted an hour ago and spread this good news to all of her fans! I have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since then. I love all of her songs since on her first album entitled “Taylor Swift (2006)” followed by “Fearless (2008)“, “Speak Now (2010)“, “Red (2012)” and on the latest “1989 (2014)”. I went through her social media accounts, specifically her Instagram Account just yesterday and wondered why she deleted her posts. Then my co-worker have told me about the issue that she encountered about the sexual assault. Honestly, I didn’t knew about this since…


    Pierce the Veil Cover | Hold on ’til May & Floral and Fading

    In this random blog of mine again, I am about to share our experiences with my boyfriend in doing “Cover” of the songs of Pierce the Veil. (mura mag nindot jud kaayo mig tingog di rba, pero madala ra hahaha) We really love to go to karaoke. Somehow, that is one of our interests. Since we both like Pierce the Veil, my boyfriend planned on why not make of our own version? Hahaha okay then.   So this one was our 1st EVER RECORDING PRACTICE HAHAHAH and it failed hahaha December 19, 2016, we had our 1st recording session! “Hold on Til May” was the 1st song on the list…