(Why take a picture? 🤔)

Capture that!

This is really a common thing that almost all people in the world, universe rather do! We do not know that maybe aliens do take selfies (I doubt if they do really exist hahah) , but there are some people, let us say 15% of them doesn’t like to take pictures, maybe they are camera shy, or they just do not like it. Simple! Hahaha well taking pictures has its advantages and disadvantages. 😉

Advantage? 👍

Well you can always go back to each moment captured! Even if you don’t say a thing, just picture! You can say a lot of things about it. Another thing is that, once you grow old (no offense for those on their 30-ish above hahaha) but this is reality, once you get old, and look at your photos when you were young, you will really have this reaction “Oh is this really me?!” or you have been to places before that you have forgotten that you have been there and you will eventually say “Oh yes! I’ve been there! / We’ve been there with ….

Disadvantage? 👎

For me, like taking TOO MUCH photos like let us say in a day, taking more than 200 photos!  🙊Wait, what? Do you know someone who take more than 200 shots 📸  in a day?! Hahaha! Well, too much of everything is not good and so as taking TOO MUCH photos is a disadvantage! Hahaha that is my opinion, I do not know if you guys agree with me. 😂

Well, I am just this girl who really love to take selfies! Like each day!  I still do remember when I was at my High school days, I almost took more than 20 photos a day! (this isn’t normal anymore hahaha). When I have reached College, I took more than the count I did way back then (this is getting WORSE! Hahah) but then, for me, it’s normal because I found my happiness in taking pictures. I even do stolen pictures of my classmates and schoolmates at school. There will be no day that I haven’t taken a selfie hahaha. Then I uploaded them at my Facebook account, those pictures that were taken every special events at school like, Acquaintance, Intramurals and more, I uploaded them in an album, I even included those nonsense and blurry photos hahaha.

Some people will always ask me, “Why do I really keep on taking pictures?” well, these people who asked me are those who are not fond of this so-called “HOBBY“? Ehh, I do not know the right term hahah but yeah, I answered them that it is not only taking selfies which I really love to do but also most likely, capturing moments whenever you are in a certain place, it is just like “Picture paints a thousand words” like this line is too common but yes, I agree with this, like just post a picture on your Instagram account with less caption but whenever you recall those captured moments, it seems it is bringing you back to that day that you captured it.

Now, as I grow older, my usual hobby of taking selfies has reached its limit. Hahaha, why? I just do not know why I seldom take selfies of myself now. Maybe, it is just because before I do not even care how do I look on pictures compared to now that I am being conscious on how I look hahaha (oh Girls be like hahaha). My boyfriend doesn’t really love taking pictures like he has less pictures though, but he then eventually realized or let us say appreciated photos when I gave him a video during our anniversary where in all our pictures where compiled. No long messages, and cheesy lines on the video but most of it are photos of us and according to him, those pictures made him go back to those memories, (is it what he said? Oh I forgot the exact words hahaha, forgive me)

Last January 31, 2017, I have my DSLR! Finally, the long wait is over. I really wanted one since then because of the love of taking pictures. but seriously now guys, one of the reasons why I wanted to have one it is because we have plans of traveling with my boyfriend soon, and I wanted to capture every moment of it. Well, my phone isn’t enough to take *lots* of photos hahaha. Another reason is that, I want to be a freelance photographer or not just a freelance but a PRO soon. Well, there is nothing wrong in dreaming right? And I also want to place some of the best captured moments on my blog which is this!

So, sooner or later, once I have improvements on my blog and gain some confidence, I will be posting the best captured moments not because I want to brag but because I just want to share. That’s all! 😊
’til next time!
Your’s Truly, Lalaine Ivy 🤗
Ciao! 💞

“PS: Forgive me if I have some grammar slips in this testimonial, I swear I tried and I am not perfect! Hihi✌️😄”